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Your Vote, Your Voice

Your Vote, Your Voice

United Student Movement Director of Projects and Special Initiatives 2016-2017 regime, Hadifa A. Hibbert.

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By: Hadifa A. Hibbert

With the opening of the 86th United Student Movement Election period on Feb. 24th 2021, the students of Northern Caribbean University will be called upon to elect the members that will ultimately form the 2021/2022 regime with the appointed officers who will then be appointed by those elected alongside the outgoing executives. However, over the years there has been a steady decline in the number of students who have shown an interest in the electoral process and the movement overall. And with the current environment in which we now operate this trend may very likely continue.

But the opportunity is here for students to let their voices be heard. How can you let your voice be heard? you may ask, by casting your vote.

Your vote is your voice and your voice is your choice. So I call on you to help eradicate voter apathy… Voter apathy is the perceived disinterest of voters in the electoral process.  Your vote is your future, be involved and vote on practical plans that are feasible and policies that are clear and concise. Don’t just vote based on popularity or because you are friends with a particular candidate, vote for the candidate who presents the plans, policies and arguments that will help to make your student life the best experience during your university tenure.

To the candidates, I urge you identify the needs and interest of the students, you all should already know what issues resonate deeply with the student population so I implore you to do some research, gather information collect data and come prepared with facts so that you can win over the students.

In closing I just want to say this to the prospective members of the Movement, The United Student Movement exists to serve the students and to promote holistic development by engaging in advocacy on their behalf and initiating and facilitating opportunities for them to develop academically, socially and spiritually; thereby, fashioning accountable nation builders.

So this should not just be about you doing this to pad your resume or because of the perceived power and benefits that come with whichever position you are vying for. It should be about you putting service above self and being passionate about student governance and youth leadership and you willing to do what it takes to build on the foundation and legacy that is 86th years strong.

The views expressed in this article are solely the writer’s and not of the Hilltop Trumpet.

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