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“LaTeasha Colquhoun
HillTop Trumpet Journalist
Communication Studies Major (Public Relations Emphasis)

MANDEVILLE, NCU- Beaumont created the first upset of the PreSports Day football competition. The first match,held on Tuesday, October 22 at the Northern Caribbean University’s main field where yellow house, Beaumont and red house Chisholm competed had an outcome of Beaumont winning 5 goals to defending champions, Chisholm, 4.

Supporters came out in their numbers to witness the big match because both teams were considered rivals. Captain of Beaumont’s team, Ivanhoe Smith at half time said “we felt confident going into the match and looking forward to victory”. At that time, Beaumont was already leading Chisholm, 2-1. Team captain for Chisholm, Dormaine Whyte in disappointment said, “hopefully we can regroup and come stronger in the second half”.

It was fifteen minutes into the second half when Chisholm scored an equalizer in the form of a penalty by Markino Ferron. At this time it could be seen where Beaumont players were playing more over the head kicks and long passes because Chisholm’s defense was rather weak. This tactic helped Beaumont to score 3 more goals with the most talked about goal being the one 3 minutes before match time ended when Dalton Smith hit the crossbar with the ball going over the goal line. It was by this time the entire Beaumont team and supporters must have thought it was there lucky day but team captain describe it as faith and not luck.

Chisholm managed to score a third goal but it meant little because the time came where the referee sounded the final whistle, confirming Beaumont as winners of the first match of the competition. Smith says that it was a well deserved victory for his team and going forward they plan to work on their mishaps in order to be victorious in every match. Captain of Chisholm says it is all about regrouping, working on their tactics and return stronger to regain their title.


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