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When Discouragement Comes Pt. 2

When Discouragement Comes Pt. 2

Where were we? Yes!

Year 24, surprise Visit.

Let us step back a little though. It was to Abraham, at 75 years of age that God made known his purposes to raise up a  Nation of peculiar people, dedicated wholly unto himself, a holy nation. It was the purposes of the Almighty, to show forth his glory to all Nations, Kindred, Tongues and Peoples so that all flesh would worship before him. He could have proclaimed his glory and awesome majesty before the whole world, and none could doubt his authority or existence; as none today can argue that the sun is not real, it obviously is.

However, only service of love is acceptable to God. The principles of his government are founded upon love and an outflow of love is true service. A divided heart or half-hearted service he will not accept and he forces no one, though he has power unwonted, forces no one to love and serve him. Had he revealed himself in such a way, to people whose understanding of him was darkened with misapprehension and clouded with sin, they would have served him from fear and not love.

So he devised a brilliant plan. He would show the whole world what he was really like: his goodness, his benevolence, his mercy, his justice, his love and willingness to restore humanity, through a Nation of people who were to transmit all these revelations of his dealings to the whole world. While being living testimonies of the restoration he is able to accomplish to heal humanity of its sins and maladies.

This was the basis of his covenant with Abraham; a different order of people who were to reveal the true character of God to the world, so that all other nations, would come to know, love and serve him.

Now back to year 24.

The one through whom this process of restoration was to begin, was still yet unconceived (if there is such a word). But God had not forgotten, In year 23, he revisited Abraham, reconfirming the promises. Abraham Laughed at God. It seemed crazy to think that 2 old people, as old as Abraham and Sarah were, could even foster hopes of bearing children. In year 24, he revisited Abraham and this time Sarah was around, eves-dropping. She laughed. Sarah laughed because she looked in herself and knew that she was not capable at her age of bearing a child. Abraham laughed because when he remembered his incapacities, he knew he could not father children at his age. Yet God’s response was, Is there anything too hard for the LORD?

Year 25, the promised child is born.

See, God is not phased by our insufficiences, difficulties, lack of qualifications or any other seeming impossibilities. He is the Creator and his words beget life. All things, animate and inanimate obey him. Both Abraham and Sarah, at this juncture lacked faith. Yet, their lack of faith did not prevent God from fulfilling his promise. He is faithful in spite of our unfaithfulness.

So here is what you should do when discouragement comes:

1. Remember God’s faithfulness in the past. He is still the same God he has not changed.

2.He is able to work out his good purposes even in your bad situations.

3.His words have creative power, they beget life. If he has promised you something, he is a promise keeper and his words will not return unto him void and empty but shall accomplish that which he wills it to.

4.He is all powerful. He can make a way where there is no way, water to flow in the dessert, a mountain a plain.

5.He is a God who specializes in impossibilities and he has a perfect track record.

6.He loves you and wants only what is best for you. You need to exercise faith though. Trust him that his plans are greater, better and more far reaching than yours will ever be. He sees the whole picture and he knows how to fit the pieces.

So when life isn’t going like you planned, don’t get discouraged.

God is bigger!

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