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|Carlette Gooden

MONTEGOBAY, ncu- On Sabbath, November 23, 2019, first year students, Loreal Sharpe, Nalese Smith, Britney-Ann Marsh and Carlette Gooden journeyed with Director of Western Campus, Mr. Byron Campbell to the parish of Westmoreland.

The group first joined the congregation at Whithorn S.D.A, where they participated in divine hour,
conducted Praise and Worship, delivered the children story and rendered a beautiful meditation

Members of the Main Campus were also in attendance, and in full participation as well. The message was done by, fellow third (3 rd ) year Theology student, Bro. Ricardo McClam. He spoke about the four types of influences, The first, Negative Influence, The second, Neutral Influence, The third, Positive Influence, The fourth, Life Changing Influences. He testified about how God took him from the streets, where he was known as “Bling”, and brought him to the fold, where he is known as “A Pastor”. The message then commenced and lunch was served.

The lunch received, was both nutritious and delicious. The Western Group, then journeyed to Grange Hill S.D.A, for Bible Class, where they rendered an item and blessed hearts. The group then journeyed back to Whithorn for A.Y, where two members, from each campus sat on the panel of discussion.

Director Malcolm then proceeded to commence the service with vespers, he testified of his own experience where God brought him from nothing to something.

Social was kept at Savana-la-mar Prep School, where all the members from both Campuses met and played together. Western Campus left shortly after due to the distance, but it was a well spent Happy Sabbath.

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