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|Trisanya Drummond

MANDEVILLE, NCU- Student worker assigned to Sorenson Hall “Caffe” Hadifa A. Hibbert says, “We as Caffe workers are not appreciated! It’s discouraging just knowing that even with the hard work and sacrifices we put in we are not appreciated”.

The challenges are plenty for the student workers who are dedicated as they are required to strike
a balance of working there along with their studies whilst simultaneously participating in other

Student worker also assigned to Sorenson Hall Letesha Whyte said, “Since working at Caffe as a
student worker I’ve faced many challenges as students, lecturers and outsiders have proven to be
very disrespectful to us serving on the line and we cannot retaliate or react as we’ll end up losing
our jobs and we have to just stick with the humiliation”.

Hibbert also said, “We have to give that extra effort even when we don’t have the strength
especially when some of the other student workers don’t show up”.

NCU student and Author Quade Thompson stated, “I believe that as workers, they should bear in mind that a job is a job and it should be done and done effectively. Not all the workers there are
inefficient. However, there are some who I believe should revisit customer service tactics to
ensure that the needs of the customers are being met. I’m sure that if the quality of their services
improves, then they’d receive more respect and appreciation”.

Whyte also said, “Honestly for me I must say the pay is actually very good as being a Caffe
worker is one of the highest paying jobs on campus along with campus security as I Get $200
JMD per hour so I’m satisfied with the pay”.

“Honestly I do believe Caffe workers are underappreciated because it’s evident they work very
hard especially those who are also students here who have to work and study at the same time”,
said NCU student Marva-Marie Hall.

The Sorenson Hall “Caffe” is used as a means of employment for many NCU students who work
part time. It provides a means of income which also contributes to the payment of their tuition.

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