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USM’s PRO assures social media presence during online school year

USM’s PRO assures social media presence during online school year

Public Relations Officer for the United Student Movement 2020-2021 regime, LaTeasha Culquhoun.

Photo Credit: Jevon Thomas

By: Akeelia Hamilton

Mandeville Jamaica- Public Relations Officer, for the United Students Movement’s (USM) 2020-2021 regime, LaTeasha Colquhoun says amidst this challenging time, the movement’s Public Relations Office will ensure that all students are kept “in the know.”

During an interview with the Hilltop Trumpet on Thursday, August 6, 2020, she said the movement’s social media presence will definitely suffice amidst the lack of face-to-face communication as the university looks to transition to a virtual learning environment for the upcoming academic year.

The third-year communications major’s assurances rise from the recent upsurge of queries surrounding the university’s plans for the coming semester, as it relates to financing and the commencement of classes.

Colquhoun mentioned in her manifesto “increasing social media presence,” which, in this crisis, undoubtedly ties into another key point of her’s which is to “monitor the dissemination of press releases and advisories.”

Colquhoun said these two points are most crucial, given the new norm students will be forced to adjust to, adding that a steady and stable stream of communication is most necessary.

“Social media will definitely suffice, once utilized efficiently.” She mentioned that the Public Relations Office has put in place, a series of plans to ensure that students will be adequately equipped with enough information as soon as it is released from administration.

“The PR has plans of hosting several Instagram and Facebook live sessions and if necessary, zoom meetings, all of which will attend to different needs. This includes townhall meetings for various topic discussions, sessions with VP’s or Executive Members and their sectors. In addition to this, frequent updates will be done in the form of talkback/ question and answer segments between students and their respective sectors.” She explained.

Finally, Colquhoun stressed that PR is adamant in ensuring that all students are kept informed. This is why she also attests to be working in close proximity with the Movement’s President, Ruel Haye, to ensure that suitable measures are found to tackle this seemingly lack of contact that students are currently caught in.

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