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USM’s Future: Who will Apply?

USM’s Future: Who will Apply?

By: Nicordo Wilson |Advisor EPCA

After reading an article published a few days ago, I have had a pressing concern weighing on my mind. As per the stipulations in the USM constitution and bylaws, Director Marriott is gearing up for an election. As she prepares for this task, I think the question we should consider, is not where they will come from? But, who will apply for an office?

As a university, we have been blessed with several students who are gifted in some way with leadership abilities that are learnt or can be developed. Although we are blessed with potential student leaders, we must live with the harsh reality that student government at this university has become unattractive and tasteless to a number of individuals.

I can say this without fear based on my own analysis of the past three elections. I will share four of my observations:

1. Students will not apply for an office. Some individuals have even been selected without even a challenger.

2. Students will not vote, there have been low voter turnouts. It is getting worse every year.

3. Those individuals who do not vote or even apply for any office feel they are privilege to speak poorly about the movement. They will say: “I could have done a better job.”

4. Elections applications have been extended on a few occasions and still there is no one to fill any office.

This is the reality which the current Director must face and find a creative way to resolve. The Director cannot do it alone and will need your support.

On the flip side, most of those who speak negatively will never truly understand what serving in USM is about. In the words of Romain Virgo “who feels it knows.” And the current regime has truly felt the pressure of student government in a new way. I want to think that there are a few of them who are waiting for this year to end.

As we prepare for another election, I challenge those only have negative words to speak and think they can serve much better than the present regime to step up to the task and apply for an office. You have several options, as a matter of fact, there are sixteen offices to fill at the end of this semester both voted and appointed:

Voted Officers

1. President
2. Vice President of Academic Administration
3. Vice President of Student Services and Social Affairs
4. Vice President of Finance and Planning
5. Vice President of Spiritual Affairs

Appointed Officers

6. Treasurer
7. PRO
8. Ass PRO
9. Projects Director
10. Ass Projects Director
11. Admin Assistant
12. Associate Admin Assistant
13. Director of Publications
14. Male Sports Director
15. Female Sports Director
16. Director of Elections

Now, who will apply? Who will be selected to provide leadership? Will students vote for fluff and unrealistic promises? Only time will tell, however, I am eager to see and meet the members of the 2021-2022 regime. My only hope is that these individuals will not be profilers seeking to create a good resumé.

The views expressed in this article are solely the writer’s and not of the Hilltop Trumpet.

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