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USM’S Budget Presentation Set for the End of October

USM’S Budget Presentation Set for the End of October

United Student Movement’s 2020-2021 Vice-President of Finance and Planning, Emmanuel Confesor.

By: Chrissanna Kirlew

Mandeville, Jamaica- Vice-President of the United Student’s Movement’s (USM) Finance and Planning, Emmanuel Confesor has confirmed that plans are underway for the Movement’s budget presentation on Wednesday, October 28, 2020.

Confesor told the Hilltop Trumpet in a recent interview that the budget presentation will provide students with a display of how the funds will be used throughout the academic school year.

“Students can expect a forecast of the income and expenditure for this academic year; also, with the approval of same, our stakeholders can expect transparency and accountability.”

Confesor also assured that the finance sector will prioritize on necessary expenditure to the ultimate benefit of the students.

The budget is expected to be streamed LIVE on USM’s YouTube Channel and will facilitate an online question and answer session from students and member organizations.

Our news team has learnt that there could be major cuts in money allocation to member organizations.

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