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USM VP of Spiritual Affairs promises spiritual connection In new online norm

USM VP of Spiritual Affairs promises spiritual connection In new online norm

Students from the Northern Caribbean University pause for prayer with the University’s Chaplain, Dr Merylyn Campbell-Flinch [center] during a fasting session hosted by the School of Religion and Theology at the Prayer Garden in Fall 2018.

Photo credit: Northern Caribbean University

By: Kedice Reid

Mandeville, Jamaica- Newly elected Vice-President of Spiritual Affairs for the United Student Movement (USM) 2020-2021 regime, Michael Morris says his sector is determined to keep students ‘spiritually connected’ as the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) transitions online.

In a recent interview with the Hilltop Trumpet, Morris stated that he intends to stay connected to the student population through their clubs and student organizations despite the challenges faced by the pandemic and the inevitable transition to online learning.

“I will have to find other means and avenues of reaching out to the students, whether it be getting in touch with the different presidents of the different member organizations on campus and through them I should be able to contact students; perhaps getting their numbers and reaching out to them on their social media platforms; we will not be able to see them face-face so we have to find ways of reaching them,” said Morris.

He noted that these events include the USM Recharge Program (a spiritual event held on the weekend between Friday to Monday), USM Church Impact, Bible Bowl, which has been renamed Bible Extravaganza, fasting and prayer services, all-night prayer vigil and even a “Praisathon” that involves a singing concert and testimony session.

“We were hoping that we would not be limited to just social media for the entire school year but just for fall 2020 and that Spring we will be able to re-join face to face, however, that will not be the case but I believe we will have to take all these activities to the ZOOM platform. I hate to say that we will have to have church impact online but We have to find ways to make it work if that is the new normal” said Morris.

Regardless of these unforeseen times, he said he’s determined to make the best of this academic year and gives his full support to any student who needs spiritual encouragement.

“COVID 19 has caused us not to be together and that is something that affects us even emotionally but I encourage the students to hold on and trust in God knowing that he will surely provide for them even during these troublesome times. It is time to build a relationship with Jesus” said Morris.

Morris acquired the post of VP of Spiritual Affairs by default during the USM Virtual Elections in April 2020.

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