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USM Publications Sector set to launch Hilltop Trumpet News App

USM Publications Sector set to launch Hilltop Trumpet News App

The United Student Movement’s 2020-2021 Director of Publications, Suzell Wray makes a short presentation during a forum hosted by the Department of Communication Studies at the Solomon Harriot Lecture Theatre on February 14, 2019.

Photo credit: Northern Caribbean University

By: Crystal Scale

Mandeville, Jamaica- The Northern Caribbean University (NCU) community is set to receive a faster and easier access to the news via a user-friendly Hilltop Trumpet Application being launched by the United Student Movement’s (USM) Director of Publications.

The announcement was made by the movement’s Publications Director, Suzell Wray, during a recent interview with the Hilltop Trumpet.

According to Wray, the implementation of the app is a timely convenience for students and staff at NCU since all classes will be taught remotely or fully online for the upcoming academic year. She noted that as a result, the demand for accurate news and information is paramount.

“Students will be concerned about what’s happening…and I believe [that] once they see and feel the presence of the university’s admin and student leaders while also receiving the information they need at their fingertips, the transition into an online environment will be easier.”

The final-year Communications Major added that the news app, which will be accessible for IOS and android users, will include a 1-week free trial, after which students will be prompted to subscribe to the app by paying a fee of JMD 250 monthly to utilise its services.

“I am seeking to expand the news content that is now being carried to include Central Jamaica, this requires the need for a comprehensive team of students. Therefore, I believe that it’s only fair that they are given a stipend for the work completed and so the proceeds will be used for this purpose as well as to aid in purchasing camera equipment for the movement.”

She shared that this transparent initiative will give students the option to pay online, through the app, or via a bill payment location where the funds can be deposited to the movement’s account. She noted that the app will be mimic that of the Hilltop Trumpet news website and will consist of the various news categories.

Meanwhile, the Director also highlighted the upcoming launch of a news and current affairs vidcast dubbed, ‘Topics on the Hill.’ She shared that this 20-30-minute production will feature a topical discussion on timely issues that are affecting students from across the various colleges and school.

“In implementing this initiative students’ feedback will be imperative, therefore, we will be creating a transactional platform for students to air their concerns and pressing questions. After which our team will make contact with the appropriate individuals and a live discussion will follow on Topics on the Hill.”

Wray, who is also Broadcast Journalist and News Anchor at NCU FM, noted that the production will be streamed via the Hilltop Trumpet’s developing YouTube Channel, which students will be prompted to subscribe to once its inception is complete.

She shared that advertisement and promotional content for both initiatives will be distributed so students are aware of what to expect and how to proceed.

She noted that applications are currently being processed for students who applied to be apart of the Hilltop Trumpet content team for the upcoming academic year.

Wray succeeded the appointed post from now NCU alumnus and St. Kitts native, Chantelle Rochester.


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