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USM Projects team G.I.VE initiative is back

USM Projects team G.I.VE initiative is back

Photo: Members of the 2021-2022 USM Projects and Special Initiatives team at the G.I.VE initiative programme on January 17, 2022 at the NCU Gymnatorium. 

Photo Credit: Khadeja Bryan 

By: Rasheen Nangle

The United Student Movement’s (USM) Projects and Special Initiatives sector held its first Give Issuing Venture (G.I.VE) initiative of the semester on Monday, January 17, 2022 where they distributed care packages to students at Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

This project was first introduced by USM’s past Director, Latoya Carnaige in 2020, who saw it fit to give back to the students as many of them found it difficult to provide food and other basic necessities for themselves. The purpose of this project is to distribute mainly food items and toiletries to the students of NCU who are in need.

Associate Director of Projects and Special Initiatives, Demarco Robinson, told the Hilltop Trumpet that this programme was a success and it benefited a lot of students. 

“The event was a success and we catered for over 80 students. If we had more packages, then other students would have received them because some came when the packages were finished,” he said. 

Robinson said some of the items in the care packages include flour, rice, sugar, sanitary napkins, tissue, soap, soap powder, and tin items.

Many NCU students have been applauding the USM Projects team for their many efforts in putting an initiative like this together to benefit the students, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. 

One of the students from the Leila Reid’s dorm, Abbigayle Brown, shared how grateful she is, and she commends USM for what they have been doing thus far.

“Fundamentally, I really think it is an excellent programme as it is looking for a practical way to assist us as university students. We are struggling in different [ways] of life, especially financially and just being able to take comfort in the fact that there is an executive body looking out for us and trying to provide for us in any way they can, that’s really nice,” she said.

One member of the Projects team said that this is a solid initiative founded from a good place and came at a time when the students needed it most. 

This programme will be a legacy project, and Robinson is encouraging all upcoming directors to continue this venture.

The associate director said the students can look forward to another G.I.VE initiative for this semester, and his team is fully committed to continue to put a smile on their faces. 

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