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USM Projects Team G.I.V.E.S Back

USM Projects Team G.I.V.E.S Back

United Student Movement’s Director of Projects and Special Initiatives 2020-2021, Latoya Carnagie [centre right] and Associate Director, Che’Obrien McDermott [centre left] are all smiles with members from their team during the launch of a Grocery Issuing Venture on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, at the NCU Gymnatorium.

Photo credit: Demarco Robinson

Mandeville, Jamaica- The United Student Movement’s (USM) Projects and Special Initiatives through a Grocery Issuing Venture (G.I.V.e) assisted over thirty-five students with care packages containing basic necessities on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

The distribution was done at the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Gymnatorium and saw an outpour of students- a figure that exceeded the number of packages that were available with supplies intended for students living on campus and nearby communities.

USM Director of Projects and Special Initiatives, Latoya Carnagie told the Hilltop Trumpet that the team catered for approximately 40 persons, which was not enough for the turnout, however, there will be another package distribution before the Fall 2020 semester ends.

“This is an initiative we plan to do every month; the next one will be within the next 2 weeks before Christmas.”

She noted that the purpose of the initiative is to assist needy students on campus who are unable to afford basic necessities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“The G.I.V.e Initiative is a special in reach project which is done to assist needy students on campus. As a sector, we realize that a number of individuals are unable to find food daily, hence, this initiative aimed at meeting the needs of those who cannot afford groceries.”

The packages contained items such as rice, flour, sugar, toothpaste, bath soap, mackerel, sausages and other non-perishable items.

Meanwhile, some students expressed gratitude to the USM sector for providing the essential packages at the time they needed it the most.

“Well I never had any food at all and so friends started cooking for me so I could be sustained. I’m grateful that USM thought about distributing groceries, it was really helpful,” shared a second-year Social Work Major.

Another student said she was grateful for the assistance that was given by the USM Project Team Give Initiative. Expressing that it came at a time when she was most in need.

One of the purposes of the USM Projects Team is to identify, plan and manage the implementation of beneficial and/or profit-making U.S.M. projects as well as charity base projects to be pursued by U.S.M. Council.

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