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USM President Launches Legacy Foundation

USM President Launches Legacy Foundation

President of the United Student Movement 2020-2021, Ruel Haye.

Photo Credit: Sheridon Gayle

By: Suzell Wray

Mandeville, Jamaica- President of the United Student Movement (USM), Ruel Haye has revealed that his regime will be launching a legacy foundation geared at supporting needy students enrolled at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

His announcement comes as the 2020-2021 regime prepares to complete its final academic semester as student leaders.

According to Haye, the movement’s legacy project will see the inception of a USM Recipients Foundation, where donations and monetary gifts will be procured from various sponsors such as the USM Alumni Association and other groups to benefit students.

“This endowment will see alumni, members of USM and other well-wishers can funnel through USM to aid in student development. It will also require recipients to sign a memorandum of understanding saying that when they’re capable they will give back to the fund.”

The Business Major shared that he’s also seeking to have the foundation included in the constitution when amendments are being made for this academic year.

“I would like to see the fund supervised by the office of the President with a delegated USM committee that makes all efforts to liaison with other bodies to secure and maintain sponsorship for the fund.”

He noted that he hopes the regimes to come will ensure the endowment is continued and supported by implementing creative avenues to seek sponsorships and establishing an efficient system where students can apply for assistance from the fund.

Haye added that the endowment is not solely about raising money, but mentoring and producing competent and efficient students for today’s society.

“The Foundation has a philosophical attribute which involves the movement aiming to connect to similar career paths that are entwined within its alumni and fostering it similar aspirations of our students.”

The foundation’s enactment was recently passed by the USM Executive Council and will see the next phase of implementation through the distribution of 20 tablets to students who are in need of the devices to continue their virtual education.

The donation was secured by the USM President from the Grace & Staff Community Foundation and was handed over to Haye and members from his team on Friday, January 15, 2021, at the Foundation’s Head Office in Kingston.


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