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USM President Elect Giovanni Brown gets chance to give students their ‘best year yet’

USM President Elect Giovanni Brown gets chance to give students their ‘best year yet’

Photo: (From left to right) Elected USM President Giovanni Brown with Associate Vice President of Student Services Carolyn Smith, USM President Neil Brivette, Director of Elections, Policies and Constitutional Affairs Marvin Pryce and former presidential candidate Truston Grizzle.

Photo Credit: Kedice Reid

By: Patrice Smith

Mandeville, Manchester— After weeks of campaigning and debating, on April 5, 2022 the students at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) cast their votes for presidency to Giovanni Brown for their best year yet.

The anticipated results were revealed on the United Student Movement’s (USM) Election Watch, hosted by Trishagaye Kelly and Amoy Harriott.

Brown had won 60 percent of the votes, comfortably beating his contender Truston Grizzle, who received 40 percent. 

After the results were announced, both candidates were interviewed on the show to describe their experiences during the election and their plans afterward.  

Grizzle explained that even though he was not elected, it is still his commitment to help the students.

“Whether or not I was elected president of the USM, I would be committed to ensuring that these plans are basically put in place to help the student population,” Grizzle said.

On the other hand, the newly elected USM president expressed that he feels humbled, happy, and excited for his future team.

“I’m anticipating what the appointed offices will be so that we can build a dream team and take us into the future,” he said.

Brown also explained that his plans as USM president are already in action.

“The work starts tonight, continues tomorrow, and goes on through the summer,” Brown said.

Expressing his congratulations was Neil Brivette, the current USM president.

“I’m so happy that you were successful and you shared your dreams, your ideas, your aspirations of the United Student Movement for the students here at NCU, and I know that you have big plans,” Brivette said.

He further commended all former candidates and encouraged them not to worry but to utilize their services in other areas.

The newly elected members of the vice president (VP) offices are Abbigayle Brown, VP of Spiritual Affairs, Alexis Honyghan, VP of Finance, following the VP of Academics, Geovanni Baker, and the VP of Student Services and Social Affairs, Jhunelle Wright.

The 2022-2023 USM regime is still set to be sworn into office for the upcoming school year.

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