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USM Officially Inducted and Ready to Recalibrate Efforts in a Virtual School Year

USM Officially Inducted and Ready to Recalibrate Efforts in a Virtual School Year

The United Student Movement 2020-2021 regime with Public Relations and Communications Manager, Elon Parkinson [left], USM President, Ruel Haye [centre] and Vice-President of Student Services, Dr Newton Cleghorne [right] on Thursday, November 12, 2020, at the Movement’s Inauguration Ceremony

Photo Credit: Sheridon Gayle

Javanique Darby

Mandeville, Jamaica- The United Student Movement (USM) held their first virtual inauguration for the 2020/2021 Regime, which was streamed on YouTube under the theme; Recalibrating our Efforts: Modulating into a Virtual Context. 

Northern Caribbean University (NCU) President, Dr Lincoln Edwards congratulated the USM 2020/2021 Regime, noting that these are unprecedented times for the USM leadership and school community and that in order to overcome, we need to accede with the theme for the ceremony.

“You have taken up the mantle of leadership in such a time as this. These are unprecedented times for the USM leadership, student community, the university administration and the entire workforce. In order to be able to cope with these unprecedented times, we need to subscribe to your theme and motto.”

He went on further to add that this virtual context is now known as the new normal and has been brought about by the global spread of Covid-19. In modulating into the virtual context, he mentioned that October 21, 2020, NCU partnered with Zeva Technological Solutions Jamaica Limited to secure the donation of fifty-five (55) tablets, which were distributed to students without devices.

Meanwhile, USM President, Ruel Haye, spoke on how proud he is of his hardworking team.

“I believe in a leadership that is strong and effective, but I also believe in the leadership of togetherness; a leadership of teamwork and that’s why I’m proud of my team. I have a team of hard workers, a team that serves from the heart and believe in sacrifices. A team that is up when you are sleeping. We want this year USM to have a buzz and is festive.”

Furthermore, Haye mentioned that he had found a way to put money into every students’ pockets, during his campaign for the Presidency.

“By my assessment, the greatest change needed now is for financial freedom. I came up with a strategy to put money in the pockets of every student. The concept is a first of its kind in Jamaica; a hedge fund that will operate on the premise of donations and sponsorships from Top Traders Academy, Burberry Market; a top trading school and a broker.”

He added, however, that there have been many roadblocks, that has hindered this from happening, but his regime will continue to find innovative ways to keep students engaged and involved.

“Through our Vice-President of Student Services and Social Affairs we have launched ‘Master the Change’ a personal development program, which is an online I.G series with big names and big games…through our VP of Academics, we’ve hosted online seminars like the SURE program a youth leadership initiative. Another big thing that we’re doing is our never before seen and done, ‘Topics on the Hill’ through our Director of Publications to keep you engaged in conversation for change.”

The Keynote speech was delivered by Public Relations and Communications Manager at Digicel Jamaica, Elon Parkinson.

The United Student Movement first executive body was established in 1935 and seeks to advocate and protect the rights and interests’ of students at the Seventh-day Adventist institution.

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