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USM issues proposal to NCU Admin- Chief Advisor says it reflects thought and ambition

USM issues proposal to NCU Admin- Chief Advisor says it reflects thought and ambition

President of the United Student Movement 2020-2021 regime, Ruel Haye.

Photo credit: Sasha-Gay Dennis

By: Suzell Wray

Mandeville, Jamaica- The Office of the United Student Movement (USM) President has sent an official document to the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Administration outlining a number of initiatives geared at alleviating the financial burden on the university and its students.

The 20-page document was sent by USM President, Ruel Haye on Wednesday, August 19, 2020, to a number of recipients at the admin level.

The proposal outlines two major initiatives which include a Student Advancement Recruitment Drive (SARD) and a Student Agriculture and Aquaculture Program (SAAP).

The programs will see an aggressive recruitment initiative through the Jamaica Union (JAMU) and the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ACU) as well as a comprehensive farming initiative through various land procurement avenues outlined in the document.

According to Haye, he is confident in the plan’s feasibility and hopes to receive a favourable response from the university’s admin.

“I see the plan being materialized as we seek to develop a team of competent persons, both from the university and from outside who have the capable skills to garner, even as we train them in carrying out the work that needs to be done.”

Haye added that if the necessary steps are taken by the university the plan can be implemented in time to meet the new academic year, which is weeks away.

Finance Coordinator in the Department of Business and USM’s Chief Male Advisor, Andrew Carty told the Hilltop Trumpet that Haye’s proposal is aligned with the university’s goals.

“The goals of the USM are centred on the student populace and are aligned to the university’s objective. Therefore, in all of this, it is hoped that the students will receive the assistance that they so greatly need.”

Carty, who is also a Lecturer in the Department, added that the implications of the coronavirus pandemic have created unique challenges that call for a unique line of action.

“The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented challenges locally and around the world. It means that any response to this global challenge must itself be unprecedented. The USM President and his team have presented a proposal that reflects thought and ambition,” shared Carty.

Meanwhile, NCU Alumnus and Former USM Director of Elections, Policies and Constitutional Affairs, Omar Nicholson told our news team that after reading the proposal he believes the initiatives listed are feasible at this time.

“President Haye is a visionary, we’ve seen that… and if there is one thing this global dilemma has articulated to us, is the necessity of being a visionary and being revolutionary in our thinking as well as being adaptable and innovative in order to survive. Therefore, I believe the initiatives are more than feasible.”

Nicholson, who is currently a student at the Yale University in New Haven Connecticut, added that he believes the response the movement receives will be dependent on the level of innovation present in the minds of Administration.

“It will be dependent on the possibility of Administration to see this big picture and see beyond the ordinary. It will be dependent on the ability and willingness of the administration to usher NCU into the next great phase… outside of just a mediocre norm, to a greater way of existence,” Nicholson explained.

He added that a response to the plan will also be dependent on the willingness of students to get on board and be a part of the positive initiatives that have been proposed.

The document was issued to several of the university’s administrators including the Office of the NCU President. It was also disseminated to students through various media.

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