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USM Finance Sector to implement essential food package initiative

USM Finance Sector to implement essential food package initiative

The United Student Movement’s 2020-2021 Vice-President of Finance and Planning, Emmanuel Confesor.

By: Suzell Wray

The United Student Movement’s (USM) Sector of Finance and Planning has revealed that they will be implementing a Daily Essential Packages (DEP) initative that seeks to provide basic essential items for needy students enrolled at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

The initiative was highlighted by the movement’s Vice-President of Finance and Planning, Emmanuel Confesor during an interview with the Hilltop Trumpet on Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

As previously highlighted during his campaign for the office, Confesor revealed that the packages will contain essential items for all students who are in need.

“These packages will entail useful items such as the possible washing soap, rice, flour etc. that will be distributed to students who need said items.”

The Dominican Republic native added that students residing on and off-campus for the upcoming academic year who are in need will be encouraged to collect these packages at the USM’s office. He noted that students who will be engaged fully online will also be able to make arrangements to visit the main campus to collect the packages.

Confesor explained that an application process will not be attached to this initiative.

“I find that it will be remiss of me to ask students to apply for a package which will take us having to go through meetings and other time-consuming procedures…this would hinder the process for students who need these items. So, ask and it will be given unto you.”

Confesor, who is the former Treasurer of the International Students Association, said the student populace will be updated when the initiative takes effect, noting that the traditional meal and book vouchers will still be available to students.

Meanwhile, the movement’s Treasurer, Breanna Powell shared that the sector will be hosting a Financial Education Day geared at helping students to develop a greater understanding of good money utilization.

“The goal behind financial literacy is to help students in developing a stronger understanding of the basic financial concepts which will aid in proper money management as well as creating investment plans.”

The 21-year-old Finance Major told our news team that financial entities such as Jamaica National (JN), Barita Investment, and the National Caribbean Bank (NCB) will be invited to address students via the zoom platform that will be used to host the day’s activities.

“The financial entities will be contributing to the goal of getting students to open saving accounts and educate them on investment opportunities that can take them from the comfort with simple money exchanges to the confidence to become financially independent.”

Confesor and Powell succeeded their respective posts from now alumnus and Former VP of the sector Jermane McBean and Former Treasurer, Ava-Gaye Chambers.

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