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USM Elections- March 16

USM Elections- March 16

Photo Credit: Sheridon Gayle

By: Lancelott Page

Mandeville, Manchester – Students will head to the virtual polls on March 16, to elect the new United Student Movement’s (USM) administration.

This was confirmed by Director of Election Policies and Constitutional Affairs, Donique Marriott, who also revealed that the application period will open by January 18 and close on February 1.

She added that the campaigning period will officially commence on February 15.

The upcoming elections will see elected and appointed students comprising the 2021-2022 USM regiment- in the midst of an ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to Director Marriott, this will be done through a phased approach, allowing for the proper introduction and familiarization of the candidates running for the various offices.

Marriott says her office will be implementing various strategies to ensure students are aware of those who wish to serve in what will be the newly established cohort of USM student leaders.

“Interviews for the different candidates will be done over a period of time to sensitize the student populous to these individuals, followed by a ‘Meet the Candidates’ poster that will be disseminated on February 18.

She shared that these interviews may take the form of an appearance on the Hilltop Trumpet’s ‘Topics on the Hill’ or just an Instagram Live where the candidates join, and questions are thrown at them.”

She also spoke to getting the student body more involved, by utilizing vox pops, social media polls, flyers and other interesting media, in an attempt to increase the student involvement rate in voting and the overall electoral activities of the movement.

For some, the United Student Movement is known for its devoted and vibrant spirit in representing and catering to the views of students.

They plan to incorporate said students in this year’s elections, by offering forums where students can dialogue with the candidates.

Students will be given the opportunity to pose questions for the candidates and have bilateral discussions, which will aid in the overall decision-making and casting of votes.

Director Marriott told the Hilltop Trumpet that voting will be carried out using a secured link created by the institution’s University Information System Services, which will allow eligible voters to cast their vote by selecting their preferred candidates.

For more information on the USM 2021 Virtual Election Watch, continue to follow the Hilltop Trumpet platforms.

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