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USM Bringing Back the Vibes

USM Bringing Back the Vibes

The United Student Movement (USM) planned and executed what is arguably the most awe-inspiring “Culture Vibes” production ever at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) on Thursday (Oct 25) evening. It was nothing short of extraordinary, with each performer oozing Jamaican “Flava”, and in doing so captivating the audience – bringing the “vibes” to an often mundane campus.

Albeit a predominantly Jamaican affair, foreigner neighbors joined in the celebration of a culture that has inspired and continues to inspire so many.

When asked of the show’s significance, Anthonia Atkinson; a performer, shared that the program serves to expose Jamaican culture to those unaware, while having some fun.

This production, in particular, stood incomparable to others, characterized almost completely by its bold use of reggaetón cadences and performances of popular secular pieces –  factors some argue, do not align with the University’s credo.

“Some (naysayers) have a belief that anything that is not gospel makes the soul impure, and it’s not of God,” shared one theology major, “But if you go back and trace where gospel music came from… understand its history, you realize that that belief is very shady because it has no theological nor scholastic premise. It’s just a dark mindset”.

When asked if he felt if this production was any indication of the University’s willingness to revise their existing worldview he said yes, citing the need for change to maintain spiritual hold of this new generation. He also lauded the work of administrators who have recognized this fact saying, “They’ve begun adapting to the times within the parameters of the principles of the will of God”

Despite the views of those who would prefer the show be done away with, USM Public Relations Officer Karl Brown defended the production, saying it catered to an often neglected sec of Christians – the liberalists, who he says often struggle to find footing in the fundamentalist’s sphere,

“There are three types of Christians – Liberals, Conservatives, and Fundamentalist. Now Fundamentalists really and truly don’t believe in upbeat activities like that. We are trying to cater to all Christians.”

Mr. Brown promised continued growth and even more programs which inspire student unity.

“Culture Vibes” was the 5th event hosted by the 2018-2019 USM regime.

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