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USM Appoints Mo-Bay Campus Reps

USM Appoints Mo-Bay Campus Reps

Northern Caribbean University’s United Student Movement appointed two USM extension campus representatives for the NCU’s Western Regional Campus.

During their visit to the extension campus on Wednesday, February 13, NCU’s student government positioned Kimone Anderson(right in photo) and Lisa Lawrence (left in photo) as USM Montego Bay extension campus representatives.

“I am excited but nervous. Its new territory for me as a leader, however, I’m grateful to have the support of my colleagues and for the opportunity given to me, said Kimone Anderson who is the ambassadress for the campus’ day school contingent.

Lisa Lawrence will be the representative for the night students.

The young women received were appointed through a democratic voting process which involved their classmates and advisors who strongly suggested that they accept the position.

As campus representatives, they are the official liaison to the USM and also a direct communication medium between the Western Regional Campus’ student body and the main campus in Mandeville. They will provide relevant updates on happenings surrounding social and academic life on their campus.

USM’s Director of Elections, Policies and Constitutional Affairs, Kavion Allen believes that the appointment of the campus representatives is a big step for the United Student Movement and that it will encourage communication and integration between the two campuses.

He also said that there are plans to establish campus representatives on the Kingston and St. Anns Bay based campuses.

The tenure of the ambassadresses will come to an end simultaneously with the 2018-2019 regime of the United Student Movement.


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