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Trumpet Seals Partnership with UK Magazine- Wray Implores Students to Write

Trumpet Seals Partnership with UK Magazine- Wray Implores Students to Write

Director of Publications for the United Student Movement 2020-2021, Suzell Wray.

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Mandeville, Jamaica- The United Student Movement’s (USM) official newspaper, the Hilltop Trumpet, has partnered with a student-run magazine based in the United Kingdom to offer more writing opportunities for students at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU). 

Panoramic Magazine: Global Issues, Local Voices is owned and operated by students at Cambridge University and offers a platform for students across the world to share their views on different world issues

The partnership was finalised by USM Director of Publications and Editor-in-Chief of Trumpet, Suzell Wray and Head of Publicity and Partnerships at Panaormic Magazine, Alyssa Kee on Sunday, March 14, 2021.

The pair discussed the details of the collaboration and the overall mandate of the exchange of materials between both entities.

Wray says the partnership will be fruitful in giving NCU students a global voice and an opportunity to share their creative writing and analytic skills on issues that affect them locally.

“We have excellent thought-provoking writers here at NCU- I’ve had the pleasure of reading and editing some of their work. So, I know, for a fact, that this platform will be a medium for these writers to further express their views and experiences on various topics among a plethora of diverse writers from across the globe.”

The 23-year-old Communication Studies Major shared that students will be given a monthly prompt whenever an issue is open on the platform along with the suggested topic.

She noted that students- ranging from freshmen to seniors- will be given the chance to write about world issues on topics related to Ethics, Politics, Religion, and Climate Change.

She further encouraged all students to be a part of this collaborative effort.

“I want our international community of students to also know that their participation and contribution is very much welcome. We anticipate that this partnership will be the beginning of something impactful and long-lasting between both Cambridge University and the United Student Movement.”

She confirmed that once the submissions are approved by the Hilltop Trumpet’s Editorial team they will be passed on to the Panoramic Magazine for subsequent publication.

The writers will be also be credited for his or her piece.

Wray is encouraging students to look out for the monthly prompts that will be issued on the Hilltop Trumpet’s social media platforms.

Students can also visit the Panoramic Magazine’s website at and on Instagram @panoramicthemagazine to better acquaint themselves with the type of content they produce.

Director of Publications-Elect, Rasheen Nangle is scheduled to take charge of the post come August 1, for the 2021-2022 academic year.

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