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The Rise of the Panth3r

The Rise of the Panth3r

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Leshaun Panton is the epitome of success. This twenty-year-old photographer’s passion for art began at the very tender age of three. However, his artistic mind has certainly developed over the years and has led him to formulate the photography business he now operates. Growing up Panton had always loved anything that was related to art but his journey was not always smooth sailing. Like most of us young people choosing a career was difficult because he had various career interests. At first, he wanted to become a car designer then later a mechanical engineer. At one point in his life he even wanted to become an architect. However, because of his fear of Mathematics he diverted from that choice. Finally, Leshaun decided to pursue a career in Media and Communication. As a result, he enrolled at Northern Caribbean University in order to further advance his artistic vision.

His First Encounter

In the year 2012, at the age of 15, he had his first encounter with a camera; an IPod Touch his aunt had bought him. After realizing how much he enjoyed taking pictures, he decided that he needed to upgrade his camera equipment. He expressed his interest and love for photography to his beloved grandfather who then bought him his first professional camera in July 2015. This gift led to the genesis of his photography business; Panth3rz Photography.

 The Challenges

In a short interview with Panton, the question was asked, “What are some of the challenges you face in the business being an Adventist?” In his response, he mentioned various challenges which include the fact that people want him to take nude pictures, which goes against his religious beliefs, and also the conducting of businesses during Sabbath hours. In dealing with the latter issue he said he would usually advise customers to change the date or he would not be able to accept the offer.

Panton is not only a photographer, he also operates a scotch bonnet pepper business which supplies restaurants in Mandeville, and also the Mandeville market, with scotch bonnet peppers. Although he operates two businesses at the age of twenty, it is his ambition to operate other businesses. He advises youths who are interested in operating their own future businesses to be determined and to be passionate about what they do. His words of wisdom were, “Work hard, pray and be humble.”

Image Courtesy of Mandeville SDA Church Media Team

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