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Photos taken by: Photographer Annikia Drummond from left: Shannecka Brown, USM President- Kimone Anderson, Carlette Gooden, Nalese Smith. Second Photo: From left: Justin Reid, Akeelia Hamilton, Brittney-ann Marsh, Shannecka Brown

|Carlette Gooden


MONTEGO BAY, NCU- Students from the Montego Bay Campus, experienced firsthand disappointment last week. The excitement and anticipation that was felt for Aqua-Venture, was cut short on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, at about 5:30 pm.

Classes had ended and the students were getting ready to go shopping for snacks, when they received the bad news. Associate Director, Byron Malcolm said that he was currently speaking with our USM president, Kimone Anderson, concerning, “Aqua- Venture”, He went on to say, we would not be able to go.

Breaking the news to the excited bunch was really heart wrenching, however, we decided to wait until we heard from our president. When she emerged from the office, we noticed she was teary eyed, and right then, we came to the conclusion that we definitely weren’t going. She later explained that our chaperone, Miss Nicole Hall, fell ill with dengue fever, and no other staff was available to take us. She further went on to say, she tried all options and still, no success.

By this, the freshers hearts had sunken fully to the floor. All the excitement whipped away, truly devastating. However, we know that with every great disappointment, God has a better plan, so we wait in hopes to see what’s next to come.



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