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Club representatives being inaugurated at the 2019 Mass Inauguration ceremony

|O’Jay Cole

The newly Elected United Student Movement President Kavion Allen addresses an audience of club representatives and students at the Northern Caribbean
University at Mass Inauguration on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, at Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Gymnatorium.

USM President Kavion Allen started his Mass Inaugural address by reminding the audience of club representatives that their theme is the very idea that the USM is embarking on “Equipped,
Engaged, Empowered”. He stated that this theme speaks to hard work, extraordinary efforts, and solution-driven decisions. He urged the clubs/socialites to go beyond the ordinary and do what some would think unrealistic.

The central focus of his Mass Inaugural delivery was Par Excellence, encouraging each club not to settle for mediocrity but rise above that and be proactive rather than reactive. “Do not settle in the classroom of mediocrity! You are leaders who should make an impact on your clubites and the wider university campus” said Allen. He added that the very way the (club leaders) eat, walk and deal with your respective portfolio responsibilities must depict par excellence. “Do not waste public resources” said Allen. These public resources mentioned refer to budgetary allocations allotted to each club.

When President of the Rotaract Club, Leony Scott was asked how she plans to utilize the money allotted to her club to impact the NCU students and the community at large given the president’s statement regarding the waste of budgetary allocations she told the Hilltop Trumpet that she was unable to give a firm response given the amount allotted to the club, “USM only gave us four thousand dollars ($4000) this budget reading, and we need the money how long for our uniforms, we have seventy-six thousand dollars  (JMD$76000) in the account from last semester, and we wanted to use that money to buy uniform and we were unable to use the money and when budget reading come around a only JMD$4000 we get”said Scott.

Nevertheless, as mentioned by President Allen, “Par excellence suggests that you are willing and able to work with whatever you have to make the dream a reality” said  and that is exactly what Rotorcat Club President Leony Scott will do as she mentioned that she plans to seek sponsorship to carry out club activities and to impact the community at large.

In the closing of the Mass Inaugural address Allen encouraged the club representatives that as they move forward to never forget that they cannot attain or achieve par excellence without God.
“Allow Him (God) to direct, guide and order your steps, remember everything you do is geared towards pleasing your Creator”

A total of 26 clubs were inaugurated at the Mass Inaugural ceremony, many who have pledged their appreciation for the budget and are pleased that the cuts made have been allotted to more scholarships for students such as themselves.

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