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Television Producer Encourages Media Practitioners to Strike an Ethical Balance

Television Producer Encourages Media Practitioners to Strike an Ethical Balance

Chief Executive Officer of Studio1080, Collin Williams.

By: Patrice Smith

Mandeville, Jamaica- Chief Executive Officer of Studio1080, Collin Williams has encouraged media students at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), to have strong moral and spiritual ethics when entering the world of media.

Speaking at the recent NCU Department of Communication Studies (DCS) Week of Excellence Symposium, Williams spoke about drawing the line when it comes to producing content while being aware of the sensitivity of certain topics.

He shared specifically on areas such as Pornography, LGBTQ+ and racism, all sensitive topics, he encountered during his 26 years of being in the film and television industry.

“When I graduated from school and I started working, there was a lot of temptation that came my way. One of the biggest temptations was to start producing porn. Someone approached me and the money was really, really tempting.”

Explaining how he overcame this ethical dilemma, Williams advised upcoming practitioners to take their time and not rush decisions even if someone is begging for help.

“Just understand who you are and be honest with yourself while being true to God.”

He added that with content creation on the rise now more than ever, due to the pandemic and social media, producers have a worldwide influence.

Williams stressed that upcoming producers and directors have to be more careful and sensitive to other countries cultures, while not stifling creativity.

In closing off the television breakout session, Williams advised putting God at the centre of careers, decision making and life in general, stressing that if that is done, one’s content will shine through.

The symposium had four break-out sessions via zoom for each emphasis; journalism, radio, television and public relations. Two were streamed Live on YouTube

DCS held its first virtual Week of Excellence under the theme “Developing Skills, Built on Character”, showcasing different activities and congratulating the good performances of its facilitators and students.

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