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“Take charge of Waste,” says Public Cleansing Manager

Public Cleansing Manager for Manchester,Clarendon and St Elizabeth, Sheldon Smith is appealing to members of the Mandeville community to take charge of their solid waste disposal.
Mr Smith said there is a lack of civic pride in Jamaica which is fueling a culture of nastiness in the country.
“One of such is garbage disposal along the roadways and this is evident in the town of Mandeville. Garbage disposal is a partnership effort,” Smith said.
Mr Smith outlined that members of the community should develop a level of care for their solid waste disposal.
The Public Cleansing Manager also pointed out that if persons store their garbage properly especially at the front of their houses and business places it would save time.
He said the members of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) are challenged with the task of keeping a variety of communities’ clean and proper storage and disposal will make collection of the waste easier.
Smith added that proper garbage storage enhance healthier and cleaner environment.

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