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Student and Mental Health Advocate Teaches Journey Back to Self

Student and Mental Health Advocate Teaches Journey Back to Self

Communication Studies student at Northern Caribbean University and Mental Health Advocate, Roxanne White.

Photo Credit: Contributed.

By: Andae-Andyliesha Ricketts

Manchester, Jamaica- Mental health advocate and Northern Caribbean University (NCU) student, Roxanne White, is urging students to venture on an intentional mission to re-discover self-love as they embark on creating healthy relationships.

She was speaking during a relationship and mental health TedTalk on Friday, April 30, 2021.

The event, which was hosted under the theme, ‘Mental Health and Relationships’ was coordinated by members of the Spring 2021 Event Design, Planning and Project Management Class of NCU’s Department of Communication Studies (DCS). 

According to White, people should normalize using healthy tactics to affirm themselves.

“I began to speak well to myself… affirming the things and countering the negative messages that were told to me throughout the years… it has been very helpful,” she said.

White highlighted that God, the creator, sees his people as very good, so students must hold on to that unchanging principle throughout every experience they face. 

Regardless of society not wanting to show vulnerability, White reassured that it is important for people to have individuals in their environment who can help to further promote positivity in their life.

“Get into the community with persons who will challenge the negative thoughts that you have because you cannot depend on your negative mind in order to be able to get to that positive space. You have to lean into people,” she encouraged.

She is of the view that if invulnerability becomes a habit, it will only lead to people pretending and the relationships they enter within that period will be unhealthy. She also mentioned that there will come a time when pretension cannot continue. She urged that students show their true self despite naysayers.

“The minute you begin to show who you really are people are going to say you have changed, you are different, or you are not the person I met. The thing is when you show who you really are, the persons who stay are the persons you need to be in a relationship with.”

White mentioned other tips such as journaling and embracing the ability to feel different emotions in every experience as habits to maintain good mental health.

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