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Photo-Credit- Unsplash- Men have to raise the bar once again to reclaim their positions as leaders

|Jason Grant

NCU hosts a gender separated chapel session to straighten out the mindset of both their male and female students.

The male session was hosted in the main auditorium as the females’ was the gymnatorium. The event commenced at around 2:00 pm with regular devotional exercises as the males begun to draw closer. The session which was arranged to equip the men of NCU to be better men seem to have fallen on fertile soil.

The setting which was a model of the primary school girl’s day and boy’s day was filled with information to straighten out the mentality of the men of tomorrow, from their dress to their character and the role which they are expected to play in their marriages.

Stewardship Director and Senior Pastor, West Jamaica Conference, Charles Brevitt was the guest speaker that left the males of NCU with something to consider. Brevitt spoke on several issues that were considered to be weak areas for men and as such he wanted to instill in the younger generation the right way to go when it comes to being a man. He went on to say that he caters mostly to the younger set of people because those who are 50 and over finds it hard to change their mentality.

The one away session allowed room for men to have their talk and find out from each other their roles and responsibilities in society. The speaker noted that “Men have lost their way” and that the corruption of our country is to be blamed for this, women are often treated as inferior objects which they now use as fuel to outshine men.

He also mentioned that women have flipped the script and are now asserting themselves; now taking leadership positions and preparing to live their lives without men. What now will the men in society do to change this? They will have to raise the bar once again to reclaim their positions as leaders.

At the closing of the session, a heated discussion was raised as the men stood and ask questions that seemed to be hungry for a response. The session closed with a gift of gratitude which was awarded to Charles Brevitt.



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