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67% Increase In Nursing Students Grant

67% Increase In Nursing Students Grant

The United Student Movement (USM) has announced a 67%  increase in the budgetary allocation for the USM Nursing Student’s Grant for the 2017 to 2018 Academic Year. The grant allocation has increased from last year’s $120,000 to $200,000.

USM’s Vice President of Finance, Janelle Haye, stated that the increase was given based on the fact that the fees paid by Nursing Students are some of the highest of all students at Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

“It’s a known fact on campus that the Nursing Students’ school fee is one of the highest and they also have to pay for their practicums plus transportation costs to go there and food, and it’s a lot. So with the factors of finances and school work we deemed it fit to increase the amount.”

Haye pointed out that the grant will be accessible to students on the main campus of the university, as well as students at the eastern campus.
“Even though they are in Kingston, they are actually registered with the main campus; so yes, they are going to be able to benefit because most of them (nursing students) are there; a large percentage of them.”

A third-year Nursing Student, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated that depending on where a student is placed to complete practicum hours, he or she may have to spend over a thousand dollars per day.

“Seeing that we are going to May Pen (from Mandeville) the cost is going to be a tad higher. To go to Mandeville is one hundred and twenty (dollars), and then two hundred and fifty to May Pen, then food…so like a thousand per day.”

There will be a 67%  increase in the allocation for general scholarships and grants offered by the USM, from $900,000 to 1.5 million, as well as the introduction of a $150,000 Internship Voucher Initiative specially geared towards Teacher Education students going on practicum. These funds will be made available through the academic clubs to which these students belong.


By Shannan Miller


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