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She puts her entire heart into volunteerism. A few years from now she is hopeful that the title
“Dr.” will be at the front of her name. Shanna-Lee Seivewright is a Social Work student who is shadowing her mother’s footsteps.

Notably, Seivewright is a member of the United Student Movement (USM) body where she acts as an Associate Justice. With this title, she has the duties of: executing elections on extended campuses, collecting student’s voters list for elections and performing duties assigned by the Executive Vice president of USM.

Shanna-lee spoke highly about volunteering. She made mention that she, along with the other
United Student Movement Executives conducted an outreach at the Committee for the Upliftment of the Mentally Ill (CUMI).

Seivewright said speaking with the persons at the institution was one of her highlights, in addition to gifting them with toiletries. Shanna-lee believes that her passion is as a result of her mom. She testified that her mom was also a past student of the Northern Caribbean University where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Guidance Counselling. This accomplishment has motivated Shanna-lee to venture into the helping profession where she can truly become a spitting image of her mother.

Finally, what message would Shanna-lee give to youths? She would encourage others that they
should overcome their fears at all cost. Seivewright proudly quoted that “ Anything that
scares an individual they should go ahead and do it, as doing it helps to strengthen them as a

“A wish without a plan is just a dream” are words of inspiration that guides Seivewright’s life.

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