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Shades and Needles

Shades and Needles

From the rural roads of Mocha Arcadia Guyana, to the cool hills of Mandeville Jamaica, this young Guyanese continues to make strides in an effort to become a successful entrepreneur and Medical Technologist.

Quenola Ming describes herself as a positive, real and dynamic young woman. However, persons close to her might also include fashionable and jovial in their list of adjectives.

She is the 2nd of 3 children and a lover of time spent with friends, watching series, and eating roti and curry. She commenced her educational journey in her home country Guyana at the West Ruimveldt Primary School then partially spent her secondary school days at the St. Roses High School until she transferred to and eventually graduated from the St. Maarten Academy after she migrated to the “friendly island” of St. Maarten in 2014.

Currently, “Quenny” as she is called, is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology at the Northern Caribbean University. The young Med Tech is still digesting her successful achievements after she stood as one of 25 Medical Technology students pinned yesterday at the institution’s Medical Technology Pinning Ceremony. Being pinned marks a med tech’s transition into the clinical year of their studies after they would have successfully completed all preliminary general and core courses. When asked why she chose this career path, Ming said “I chose Medical Technology because I want to help save lives. Medical Technologists are the backbone of the health care system and others depend on our results for continued health care. I chose this area of study because I want to develop the skills to diagnose patients in hospitals, doctor offices, and other healthcare facilities. I want to save lives by making accurate diagnosis so that patients can get the necessary treatment and continued health care.”

Being discontented with the success she is currently achieving, this young Med Tech decided to take her chances in the entrepreneurial field. Earlier this year Quenola ventured off into the eyewear business by launching “Tinted Beauty”. Through her business slogan, “Change the way they see you”, Quenny makes it her duty to positively affect the attitude and self-confidence of others through her provision of fashionable sunglasses. “I started a sunglasses business because I wanted to start thinking like an entrepreneur and get an experience so that when I start a bigger business in the future, I would’ve already had a little experience. I choose sunglasses because I wanted to start small and I love fashionable sunglasses because it adds spice to any outfit, and I want others to be able to “drip” and look good in our sunglasses” she said.

As she continues to grow and achieve success, Quenola credits both her parents and her will to attain a comfortable life as her sources of motivation.

Not taking forgetting to make preparations for the future, Quenola has her eyes set on owning a clinical laboratory while being a successful med tech and entrepreneur.

Keep your shades on, a bright future is ahead of this one.



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