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Photo: Some of the executive members of the United Student Movement 2021-2022 regime.

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By: Katrich Walker

The very first virtual premiere of the United Student Movement (USM) inauguration ceremony at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), welcomed and affirmed the executive members of the student government body for the 2021 to 2022 regime.

It was the second staging of its kind and was held on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, live on YouTube, with members of the executive body physically present, while the rest of the NCU  family and other supporting institutions sent their pre-recorded greetings virtually. 

The newly inaugurated president of the USM, Neil Brivette said the theme for this year’s inauguration captures the mission of the regime, “Moving together, changing for the better, through meaningful partnerships.” 

“Our theme captures exactly what our mission for this school year is and we want the students to understand that things have changed. The regular ways of executing events and having students involved are not the same as three or four years ago,” he said.

The president said despite the many challenges, the students must rest assured that they have a team that has anticipated the changes and are constantly monitoring this change to ensure that they adapt properly for what lies ahead.

The event included a moment of silence and tribute for the recent passing of Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Newton Cleghorne who contributed significantly to the operation of USM.

Following the tribute, the different student leaders from the main and extension campuses signed their Oaths of Office.

The keynote speaker was Justice of the Peace and pastor of the Maranatha District of Seventh-day Adventist churches, Dr. Michael Hugh Harvey, and he spoke under the topic “Resilient Leadership.”

He laid out some stipulations that he said each inaugurated student leader must possess to be a successful leader which are consecration, commitment, competence and love.

“You must be that caring regime that you will go the extra mile to ensure that together, everyone of you can succeed. Together in your partnership with your university and those who provide leadership and mentorship and coaching to you,” he said. 

Harvey added that the USM leaders have to understand that they are called to make decisions, solve problems and create opportunities as they develop and hone their skills.

His speech was followed by the consecratory prayer and the Public Relations Officer, Tyriek Smith gave the vote of thanks. 

The inauguration ceremony took place on the lawns just outside the gymnatorium, with significant members of the USM regime present, and other stakeholders and well wishers joined in via the YouTube live chat section. 


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