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Robots to Clean Kingston Harbour?

Robots to Clean Kingston Harbour?

The use of harbor robots and oyster farms are two newly designed innovations that will be implemented by the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) to clean the Kingston Harbour.

The Director of the Andrew Wheatley Centre for Digital Innovation at the CMU, Erica Simmons explained the new research methodology during the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Social Good Summit held at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) on October 1.

“We are focused on how to use natural remedies to clean the harbor… an oyster can filter a 165 (gallons) of water a day… We are building an oysters farm just right outside of our campus on the shores to be able to grow some oysters that will help with the filtering process,” said Simmons.

She added that the harbor robots will help to clean the Kingston harbor that is heavily congested with debris and solid waste materials.

In addition, a campus-wide recycling programme to tackle water pollution is underway.

CMU is the first specialized public University and the only International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the English-speaking Caribbean. Its main campus is located in Kingston.


In the 21st century, robotics has become extremely popular in impacting society.

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