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Reversing NCDs: Naturopathic Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine

Reversing NCDs:  Naturopathic Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine


(Founder of the Gilead Lifestyle Wellness & Organic Spa in Mandeville, Dr. Wilbert Reeves)

|Ramon D Gordon

In a report, The Ministry of Health revealed that Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) account
for near 80% of deaths on the Island of Jamaica. To curb this trend, Minister with portfolio, Dr.
Christopher Tufton launched “Jamaica Moves” in 2016, an initiative which he hopes will stem a
culture of inactivity, which often leads to illnesses like Diabetes.

Scientists have long been of the belief that bad nutritional practices and a sedentary lifestyle lead
to ill-health and premature death. Ideas surrounding the care of those who do develop NCDs
have long varied, with some championing more holistic treatment, while other opting for the

Which of the two prove more effect?

Founder of the Gilead Lifestyle Wellness & Organic Spa in Mandeville, Dr. Wilbert Reeves,
believes he has the answer.

Dr. Reeves defines diabetes as defect of the pancreas, which in turn makes the regulation of
insulin by the body incredibly difficult. Insulin controls the amount of glucose (sugar) in the
blood at any given time. Insufficient insulin levels lead to spikes in blood sugar, which may
damage cells, organs and surrounding their tissue.

He explained that there are two types of Diabetes: Type 1, which is insulin dependent and Type
2, which is not.

He attributes development of the latter to lifestyle choices.

Having received a doctoral degree in Naturopathic medicine from the National University of
Natural Medicine in Oregon late 2005, he says that there exists a clear link between diet,
lifestyle, and overall wellbeing.

He claims that persons with diabetes and NCDs can reverse their condition, once they follow
strict diet, and amend other areas of concern in their life.

“All Lifestyle diseases or NCDs can be reversed. High cholesterol, obesity, high-blood pressure,
enlarged prostate, arthritis – all of these can be reversed. If they reach a chronic stage then that
maybe too late, but once the approach is consistent and the person is disciplined, the body will
heal itself.”

Dr. Reeves recounts several cases of patients who came to him near death. Being turned away by
traditional doctors, he says he was their last hope.
“I’ve been practicing for sixteen years, so I’ve gotten a lot of cases that traditional doctor’s say
are helpless. These people have been living on medication for years, but they’re still going blind,
their kidneys are still failing, and their cardiovascular system is still failing not only because of
the condition, but because of the drugs they have been prescribed. Those drugs don’t cure
diabetes, they only control blood sugar levels. Sometimes is the medication end up killing them.”

He notes that the recovery of patients like these was not a stroke of luck. In fact, it was the result
of carefully curated plans of attack, that in the end, restored their immune systems

“Through lifestyle intervention, we’ve seen these people turn around and come off their
medication. We offer three month program. The first month is all about detox. We curate what
they eat and create a personalized meal plan than will help them reach their health goal. During
the detox program, the blood sugar level declines, and by the fourth week, it’s under control.”

He went on to share method which prompt recovery, one of which involves reeducation.

“We use different modalities to achieve the desired result, but nutrition is the most important.
For a diabetic patient, instead of subsisting on food which grows below the earth, we encourage
them to eat food that grows above it. Food that grows below the ground, like Irish potatoes and
yams have high glycemic index, which makes the blood sugar rise faster. You even have to be
careful with some foods that grow above ground because simple things like grapes and bananas
have a very high glycemic index. Having too much of these foods will worsen your condition.”

A devote Seventh Day Adventist, Dr. Reeves’ philosophy is one guided by a faith. It is prefaced
by both temperance and moderation. He says that his beliefs guide his interactions with patients.
They also lend to the environment he aims to foster and maintain at Gilead Lifestyle Wellness &
Organic Spa.
“There are sometimes when I reach a point in a treatment program and I’m very puzzled – I
don’t know what to do. I just whisper a prayer and everything works out. In fact, God is the
healer, so he gets the praise and adoration when someone is cured. I couldn’t do what I do
without him.”

To date, his center has helped countless people overcome not only diabetes, but also cancer,
hypertension, kidney issues and insomnia. He contends that these breakthrough aren’t mere
miracles. Instead, they are the result of scientifically proven methodology, which just happen to
fall just outside the realm of traditional medicine.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care that emphasizes prevention and
the self-healing process through the use of natural therapies. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) blend
centuries-old knowledge with current research on health and human systems. They believe that
nature is the most effective healer.

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