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Remember, Repent and Return

Remember, Repent and Return

The Northern Caribbean University gymnatorium was once again a worship theatre as congregants gathered there for the continuation of the Spring 2019 Evangelism Weekend.

The second leg of the 4-day evangelistic series was viewed as a blessing by many who were present at the university on Saturday 26, January 2019.

Continuing with the peculiar team-preaching style, religion and theology students Wrenae Hudson and Kavion Allen presented the sermon under the topic, “Drifted But I’m Coming Back”. Using Revelation chapter 2 verses 1-5 as the focal texts, the oratorical served as a harsh reminder of the Christian fact that God is sovereign and in control of everything, and Christianity is not for pretence.

“It doesn’t matter what you do or how well you act a Christian, you have no right to attempt to trump the authority of God”, Hudson said.

Making reference to the church of Ephesus (Revelation 2), the preachers encouraged counterfeit and backslidden believers to repent and return to a place where their actions were in accordance with God.

This can be done by taking three steps; remembering where God has delivered you from, repentance, and returning with the knowledge of God’s promise to always be with his people.

The theology students concluded by reminding the congregation that before God sends judgement, he sends grace.

Spring Evangelism Weekend continues on Sunday, 27 January at 7 PM in the NCU gymnatorium.

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