The Trumpet



|Carlette Gooden

The word of God was sounded out on Sabbath the 16 of November, through the dynamic voice of Pastor Richard Martin, A true and God-fearing man. The story of Joseph and his faithfulness, was greatly received by the audience members, as words of wisdom and illustrations were used to capture their attention.

Members from the Western Campus and Eastern Campus were there to celebrate in the great celebration, and to receive blessings. Many of whom were present, can certainly confess to hearing this message numerous times, however, non-provided us with this unique delivery. Pastor Johnson delivered
this message in three stages, first as young persons we must Filter the Fluff, at times we are faced with certain situations that looks so pleasing on the outside, however destruction is on the side we are unable to see, and so we must not focus on how good it looks, but ask ourselves, Will this be honoring God?

Secondly, we must Forsake the feelings, the feeling of temptation is one that attracts the youth in many different forms, whether its towards, sex, drinking, and smoking etc. We all get the feeling to disobey Gods law, and obey evil, but, focusing on God and being faithful to him, helps us to overcome. Lastly, Foresee the future, many times based on our present decisions, we miss out on the life and opportunities

God had planned for us. We must make decisions that honors God, for we know he has our best interest at heart. The Montego Bay Campus students were elated that they could have joined the service, and left feeling recharged.

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