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Rain Stops Brodie vs Beaumont Face-off

Rain Stops Brodie vs Beaumont Face-off

The first match of the 2019 inter-house basketball competition came to a premature end due to heavy rainfall. 

Brodie and Beaumont were engaging in intense competition before heavy Mandeville rains forced the game to a stop. The basketball match was in touching distance of the half time mark before the rains came. Beaumont had just taken a 1-point lead, ending the half at a score of 29-28.

Subsequently, the fixture was rescheduled to be played tonight January 29. Players and basketball fans are keeping their fingers crossed in the hope for the absence of the rain.

One student said, “We are used to a lot of rain here in Mandeville…there is nothing we can do about it but we just want to watch the game”

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