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Radio Personality Preaches Impact Over Impression

Radio Personality Preaches Impact Over Impression

Radio Personality and Presenter at LOVE109 FM, Nadine Blair.

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By: Aldria Anderson

Mandeville, Jamaica- Students, particularly those in media, have been encouraged to let their characters define their career. The call comes from LOVE101 FM radio personality and presenter, Nadine Blair.

She was speaking at an NCU’s Department of Communication Studies (DCS) Week of Excellence Symposium, during the Radio Breakout Session on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Blair spoke on the issue of competing with your public persona without losing your identity and who you are at the core.

She said character is who a person is when no one is watching and added that staying true to one’s character will go a far way.

“When skill and character run a sprint, the skill will win, but when skill and character run a marathon, the character will win,” Blair said.

She stressed that character is present for the long haul and posited that while having a skill is important, being able to relate with people is paramount and will increase and enhance public image.

Blair emphasized the importance of being real with one’s audience and encouraged all to find their true selves and voice.

“People know when you are fake. The listeners – the people you’re trying to connect with – know, and it matters,” she said.

The LOVE 101FM personality said being in the field of media is not just a personal venture but is about the people one connects with.

As such, she stressed that media personalities and practitioners have a responsibility when using their social voice.

She encouraged the future media and public personas to use their platforms wisely as they are responsible for who their message affects.

“Do the research then you post. Don’t be in a hurry to make an impression, make an impact,” Blair said.

Blair spoke under the theme ‘Public Persona Stealing Personal Identity – What’s Balance?’

DCS Week of Excellence, which was held virtually this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, commenced on April 10 with a church service and will end on April 18 with its Film Festival.

The activities seek to showcase the Department and the work it has been doing.

The 5-day event follows the theme, ‘Developing Skills Built on Character’.

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