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Poor Club Level Leadership Weakens the Student Government says Excelsior President

Poor Club Level Leadership Weakens the Student Government says Excelsior President

President of the Excelsior Club, 2020/2021, Quinell Ming.

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By: Javanique Darby

Mandeville, Jamaica- Excelsior Club President, Quinell Ming is urging the United Student Movement (USM) prospects to make empowering their Member Organizations a priority.

Ming told the Hilltop Trumpet in a recent interview that if leaders are built in the various clubs on campus, then the university will have a better showcasing of leadership at the government level.

“I want to urge the current USM hopefuls to make empowering the member organizations a priority. One reason for poor performance at the USM level is because of a weak display of leadership at the club level,” Ming argued.

He mentioned that money is not what is needed right now but school spirit and it should have been one of the main things that the USM should have focused on.

“Students already have enough stress with finances and academics – and whether we like them or not, our university has already made preparations for these challenges, so the most the USM could do is make students’ experience here at NCU a memorable one.”

Ming told our news team that there are only two clubs on campus that are evidently performing. He states that this has to do with leadership and how they have approached the year due to the pandemic.

“Before school even started we would have known that Aqua Venture, culture vibe and fest are all unlikely. So you can’t come in the year planning for the same thing. It has to do with leadership and empowering the team to be creative. I want to encourage the upcoming regime, whoever they will be, make the clubs their priority and if you strengthen them, then the USM will get stronger.”

The Guyanese national shared that one way to go about correcting this issue is to take a look at what students really want and not to stick to the repetitive ideas every time.

Ming is a former USM Director of Publications in the 2018-2019 regime.

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