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By: Patrice Smith

Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Philmelodia Club brings back one of the most anticipated shows, “Versuz” under the theme “Going Waaayy Back.”

This event was aired on Sunday, November 7, on Philmelodia’s YouTube channel. Versuz showcased the vocal abilities of two NCU students, Alliah Bryant and Tiamara Walters.

The fourth episode kicked off with reminiscing about the beginning of Versuz, showcasing clips of the thrilling first battle, live audience reactions and an exciting atmosphere. 

The event continued with Bryant and Walters engaging in a riveting battle of the voices in the genres of RnB, Pop, Reggae and Gospel. 

Philmelodia’s Vice President (VP) of Social Affairs, Loreal Sharpe, said the previous vice president set a standard and she promises to bring it higher and never lower. 

Sharpe said this was her first event and it was a success. 

“It wasn’t bad for my first event under my portfolio of the new regime and after hearing the support, seeing the views and the subscribers gained, it was actually a good event,” she said.

Public Relations Officer for Philmelodia, Charlecia Robinson, also agrees that it was a good show despite the challenges they faced. 

Even though there were minor difficulties with organizing the programme, I’m satisfied with the outcome and I was really happy to see the turnout and the support,” she said.

Sharpe added that there is always room for improvement, and they will continue to strive to make Versuz an event to remember. 

The Philmelodia’s Versuz show was inspired by the series created by Swiss Beatz and Timbaland in 2020 called ‘VERSUZ.’  Similarly to Philmelodia’s spin off, it is where two artistes face off using songs of various genres for public entertainment. 

The VP of Social Affairs said the next Versuz is coming soon, and it will be bigger and better. 


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