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Philmelodia Verzuz | The Top Tier Event, You Shouldn’t Have Missed

Philmelodia Verzuz | The Top Tier Event, You Shouldn’t Have Missed

President of the Philmelodia Club, Janae Walker and Excelsior Club President, Quinell Ming shares a moment following the successful staging of the Club’s Instagram LIVE Verzuz event held on Sunday, October 11, 2020, at Jamaica Hall.

Photo Credit: Vijae Grant

By: Jullian Blair

Talent, vibes and a breath of fresh air greeted viewers near and far, as The Philmelodia Club gave the world a verzuz with a difference. On Sunday, October 11, in a manner much like the original verzuz on Instagram, the club premiered its first entertainment production featuring talents, Raheim Betty and Geovanni Baker.

Delightful decor, colourful lights and scintillating music left hearts, souls, and minds satisfied, as close to 200 persons tuned in to the unforgettable event.

Ashleigh Cummings, the Vice President of Social Affairs, called the turnout “great” and shared that the event was geared at providing some excitement to virtual campus life.

“ The entire university experience is not just school work. It also includes the different events held on campus that bring excitement and joy. Remote learning doesn’t have to mean we don’t get to enjoy these things. The event was planned for students so that they could break and forget about school within the moment and enjoy themselves”.

The ‘Philmelodia Verzuz’ stemmed from an ongoing series which is held by Timbaland and Swizz Beats, where top tier artists go head to head using their songs, in a night of music and appreciation called Verzuz.

However, Cummings mentioned that the idea to keep this event came from her friend Danielle Smith while they were watching the Brandy vs Monica edition.

Danielle persuaded her to host a Verzuz for the club, with the knowledge that Cummings was in search of virtual school events for the established dormitory club.

The Philmelodia club, established in 1919, continuously seeks to bond ladies of the residency halls on the school campus, in love and unity.

It aims to pave the pathway for Christian conduct so that its members may shine like a beacon in the darkness.

The Philmelodia club- was extolled for its performance, which was indeed a replica for what the club stands for and believes.

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