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OSHO Implores Drivers and Pedestrians to Report Close Calls and Near Misses- Deadline July 31

OSHO Implores Drivers and Pedestrians to Report Close Calls and Near Misses- Deadline July 31

A vehicle traverses across the traffic light intersection located a Northern Caribbean University’s main entrance in Mandeville, Manchester on Monday, April 26, 2021.

Photo Credit: Marva- Marie Hall

By: Trisanya Drummond

Mandeville, Jamaica- The Occupational Health and Safety Office (OHSO) of Northern Caribbean University (NCU) is urging drivers and pedestrians to report close calls and near misses while using the pedestrian crossing located at the Traffic Light Intersection.

The deadline to submit reports is July 31, 2021.

According to OHSO Officer, Shaun Wellington, several reports have been made about these reoccurring incidents at the spotlight located at the entrance of the university.

“There is a growing concern about the persistent running of the traffic light that is located at the Mandeville Campus of Northern Caribbean University (NCU).  Several reports have reached OSHO of close calls and near misses to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic,” said Wellington

According to an advisory issued by the department, there is a problem with the timing mechanism for the spotlight.

It stated that an alarm was raised and brought to the attention of OSHO on March 16, 2021. Since then several notices have been sent out to the relevant authorities requesting the repair of the light.

“I have had many close calls myself, the greatest offenders being the taxi drivers,” lamented Wellington.

Adjunct Lecturer at NCU, Oreane Collins also argued that the stoplight is not being observed by motorists and it presents a danger hazard.

“Majority of persons do not observe the stoplight, they just drive through regardless of whichever light it is on, I have had many close calls whilst using the intersection and most times it is because I exercise caution why I haven’t been seriously hurt from this issue,” she explained.

Meanwhile, NCU student Jamie Rhoden says he has experienced many close calls while using the spotlight.

“Honestly I’m so happy they’ve made a move to address the issue because I’ve had many close calls when using that intersection, the motorists especially the taxi drivers are very impatient as they’ll try to beat the light even when it’s on red and not give us pedestrians a chance to cross, the faulty traffic lights also make it worst, something really needs to be done.”

The Occupational Safety & Health Office is asking that users of the intersection report each time they have experienced or witness a close call or a near-miss at that intersection.

Students and staff can make their reports by completing the form via a link sent to their school email.

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