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“Oh dear” Beacon On The Hill, You’re Falling From Grace

“Oh dear” Beacon On The Hill, You’re Falling From Grace

|By Quinell Ming, Journalist

Northern Caribbean University (NCU) is a great university. Sitting on a hill, nestled in greenery and caressed by the coolness of nature, this institution has contributed greatly to the global community by producing excellent journalists, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers etc. however, I believe that our future as an effective university is weighing in the balance.

Like many universities we have our “little” issues, some of them require a financial fix, while others just need a courteous welcome into an office building however, there is a new predicament that I believe greatly threatens the university now more than ever and I don’t think the administration has caught on to it as yet.

It’s either one of a few things; either the mental sight that allows the admin to clearly observe the attitudes/behaviours of the students is failing them as a result of old age or some members are pledging allegiance to the “see and blind, hear and deaf” culture that we are exposed to – but whatever the reason, something needs to be done.

We have always struggled where school spirit is concerned – at least since I’ve been here from 2016, however, when we would have arrived at a level where the students literally do not care about the university and some for example in their 3rd year have pledged to never give a marcel of their earnings to the university after they would have graduated then, we have a bigger problem.

Do you understand the level of disdain a third-year student must have to decide 1/2 years prior to their graduation to not to give back to their university? There are things that you are doing wrong and you are blind!

A quick response to what it is that you are doing wrong is simply this, you have let the standards of Northern Caribbean University fallen to an all-time low, the students have seen it and are taking full advantage of your errors.

For starters, students have realised your failures to uphold the rules of this university. No one will take you seriously when they realise how slack you are concerning the uphold of ethos that we are constantly reminded of.

Then there is the fact that some of our rules are outdated and these archaic regulations paint us as a fossil; an unaltered part of West Indies College preserved for over 100 years by the cooling temperatures of Mandeville. A truly historic site indeed.

Thirdly, there is an evident lack of communication. You couldn’t hide it even if u tried. The breakdown of information between student and admin and even among the administrators themselves is shameful. Why should we attend townhall meetings or press conferences or read emails when the same undesired responses are packaged differently similarly to how the cafeteria packages nuggets?

Lastly, we don’t have nearly enough student-based activities. From time to time, we boast about how great we are and what we have accomplished in the areas of science and information technology and (with little investments made) sports, but if a freshman doesn’t hear about our accomplishments during orientation or chapel he/she might go their entire school journey without knowing about it. Where are our science fairs, our technology fairs, or football, basketball, or badminton invitational competitions? Thank God for the United Student Movement, for without it we would be an asylum for students without a social life.

Altogether, this is my recommendation – and I believe I speak on behalf of many students when I say, modify and maintain some of your rules, develop a system that will foster better communication and implement new activities for your students.










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