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Next Jamaican Billionaire | NCU Teenager Breaks Barriers in Skincare

Next Jamaican Billionaire | NCU Teenager Breaks Barriers in Skincare

Chief Executive Officer of RAPHA skincare line, Tianna Campbell.

Photo Credit: Sherona Campbell

By: Julian Blair| Medical Technology Major

Breaking the grounds of entrepreneurship is Tianna Campbell, a 19-year-old second-year student who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. Campbell happens to be a fruit of the Northern Caribbean University family who successfully operates a Skin Care Business which was funded from scratch by this assiduous student.

The business operates under the name RAPHA which was coined from the religious term ‘Jehovah Rapha’ which means God who heals. The business flourishes and strives under the mantra “Live, Love, Heal.” The skincare business is geared at catering for individuals who happen to have cases of acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, acne vulgaris, eczema, and scars. 

The breaking entrepreneur whose anchor rest within God continues to magnetically include her consumers and potential consumers by motivating them with the use of daily quotes of affirmation, self -development and emotional healing as deep healing comes within all dimensions of our lives. 

Ms Campbell emphasized that the business was initiated and was self-driven by the natural and ‘sole’ passion for making soaps and skincare. During a recent interview with the Hilltop Trumpet, she firmly stressed and highlighted that she has no interest and love for the sciences as her major is in Communication Studies but have been self-absorbed by an addicting and peculiar passion for making soaps. When asked how she garnered and stimulated this skilled she jokingly replied, 

“…through the University of YouTube, as well as reading and doing research. It became a passion, so I learned more about it and through learning, I was able to apply those lessons and come out with a valuable product.” 

“If I was doing it solely for a flow of income, I would have given up a long time ago. It is quite a time consuming to make labels and products. It can be very messy after making a batch of soap and very hard to clean up after so that’s how I knew it was a passion that has brought me here because if I was forced to do this I would have let go already or given up but it’s something I love and really wanna do.”

She furthermore added that the business was conceived the last year 2019 by the newfound love for crafting natural products which however gave birth since this year 2020 from April to May but formally started in May.

She is the sole operator of the skincare business and has encountered a few flounders on her ongoing journey. The second-year Communication major stated,

“There were many struggles to start the business, it was faith-based as I started with literally $8000.00. I had to use sales to build the business, I was building the business from the business to get the initial start, and I had to turn over profits to make more soaps, body butter, and oils.”

Her main struggle currently includes balancing school, working on the side, and making her products. Ms Campbell noted that she also made labels and marketed her business on social media for herself, so making new plans for social media was difficult at times. 

“It can be a challenge but one that I am willing to take on.” 

Her business gradually strives and craves the support from those who have a need and desire for her products. She continues to market her Skin Care business on various social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp. She accredits her strength and survival which operates the business efficiently to the grace of God, especially through this COVID-19 pandemic. 

 Ms Campbell products include Coconut Rose Face & Body Oil, Organic Healing Salve, Whipped Body Butters and Artisan Fruit Soaps. 

In addition, she announced her upcoming products which will be released soon. They include Turmeric, Carrot & Honey Goat Milk Soap and Charcoal & Rose Goat Milk Soap. If Tianna Campbell at this tender age can accomplish so much at 19 years old, then there is absolutely no doubt that she can become the next female billionaire and break even more barriers.

Nevertheless, her Instagram business page is @rapha.llh.

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