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NCU’s USM President joins Police in Manchester Safety Alert

NCU’s USM President joins Police in Manchester Safety Alert

An early Sunday morning robbery has triggered safety alerts from the Mandeville Police and the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Student Government.  

The Manchester Police Division urges residents of the May Day, Knockpatrick, Old England, Albion, Sunset and Hillside communities to “keep their eyes open” for any strangers or unfamiliar happenings in the communities.

This request comes as the police suspect a group of men who robbed a May Day supermarket at about 7:30 AM on Sunday, January 27 may be hiding in one of the communities. A motorcar that was driven by the suspects was found deserted in the community shortly after the incident.

President of the United Student Movement (USM) at NCU, Onyeka Nevins, joins the Mandeville Police in encouraging residents to stay safe. NCU students especially are being asked to travel in groups especially during late night hours. He says, ” The United Student Movement considers the safety of its students an utmost priority. As such, in light of the cautions and recommendations from the Mandeville Police Division, we are also appealing to our students to be smart and vigilant about their safety. In addition, when they walk at sunset or even late night hours we’re asking them to walk in groups to strengthen their numbers and improve their safety.”

Nevins also said that the student government looks forward to taking steps in improving the security of the students as they travel to areas that are sometimes troublesome.

If any unusual occurrences are seen, residents are asked to contact the Police 119 or 811 emergency number. They can also contact the Mandeville Police at 876-961-5538 or the Newport Police at 876-965-7253.


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