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NCU’s North Jamaica Club Appoints First Female President in its 16-year History

NCU’s North Jamaica Club Appoints First Female President in its 16-year History

President of the North Jamaica Conference Club, Clevia McEnough.

Photo Credit: Monique Gayle

By: Kedice Reid

Mandeville, Jamaica- The Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) North Jamaica Club (NJC) made history on October 10, 2020, when it appointed its first female president.

Twenty-two-year-old Teacher Education Major, Clevia McEnough was appointed President of the 16-year-old club, following a nomination process which was successfully vetted and approved by Student Services.

In a recent interview with the Hilltop Trumpet, McEnough said she was grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve and that there is much to come from the north.

“The North Jamaica Club comprises of NCU students from the parishes of St. Ann, Trelawny, St. Mary and Portland and other persons who are desirous of being a member. The club had its inception on January 24, 2004, with Jermaine Reid as interim president and Mrs Carolyn Smith as our first advisor.”

She added that she has been a member of the club for many years and had served as Executive Secretary in the previous regime and desired to serve as President one day.

“I have always aspired to be President of this noble club and also a student leader at NCU. Serving and leading has always been my passion and this club have given me an opportunity to do so.”

She added that she has plans to keep members of the club engaged in the midst of what is being described as a new normal.

“We aim to have debates, games nights, virtual church and club impacts, Preacher-thons, prayer and fasting, various educational presentations whether it be in the form of Q&A, panel discussions and so forth, movie nights, prayer meetings, partnerships with other clubs, partnerships with churches in and out of the Conferences that makes up the NJC.”

Meanwhile, Advisor of the club’s executive, Pastor Nicordo Wilson shared the roles of the Club’s President.

“The President does several things as outlined by the constitution: represent the club members as a member of the USM Senate; liaise with the advisors, Vice President of Student Services, the President of the USM as well as other club presidents and the Office of Spiritual Affairs and to invite them to participate in programs and events.”

The Club’s first meeting was held on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

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