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NCU’s international students concerned about dorm spaces

NCU’s international students concerned about dorm spaces

A view of the Northern Caribbean University’s male dormitory, Cedar Hall. The facility has served as home to international students from across the world who study at the seventh-day Adventist institution.

By: Trisanya Drummond

Mandeville, Jamaica- The Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) International Students’ Association (ISA) says it’s concerned about limited dorm spaces being available for the arrival of incoming international students.

During a town hall meeting on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Vice-President of Academic Administration, Dr Vivienne Quarrie shared that students will be permitted to reside on campus via a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

“Individuals who are interested are being urged to submit their online applications to the appropriate bodies so that students will be able to be paired, as it was indicated that there will be no more than two persons to a room so therefore the spaces are very limited”

Meanwhile, President of the ISA, Krystophe Rolle told the Hilltop Trumpet that he’s concerned about himself and his fellow international colleagues who will be returning to Jamaica.

“Most of the returning students are dorm residents and have no clue about outside housing and with the new ‘two residents to a room’ policy many students are at risk of not getting a room.”

Rolle shared that he’s also concerned about the mandatory 14-day quarantine that students will have to undergo upon arrival to the island.

“I am also concerned for our safety as the university has made it clear that it does not have a facility for quarantine and we are to fend for ourselves either at a government facility or private rentals which will incur a cost for those two weeks. This will prove to be hard and costly.”

He also recalled that at the beginning of the pandemic internationals were forced to leave the dorms within two days- with some having nowhere to go, he says this has left many internationals with a distasteful view of the university.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NCU President, Dr Lincoln Edwards has urged returning international students to arrange for themselves a place to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival to the country since the university does not have holding facilities in place.

Former Public Relations Officer of ISA, Jevon Thomas said the major concern is particularly for the female international students and the safety of their living spaces since the majority of students reside on dorm for security reasons. He said due to the lack of available spaces some students will without a doubt be left without a room.

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