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NCU students address the tragic acts of 2020 with inspirational music video.

NCU students address the tragic acts of 2020 with inspirational music video.


Motivation through music.

Geo Banks (top left) Oshae Hinds (bottom left) Mahiri Stewart (top right) Adukie Bruce (lower right) coming together to make conscious music.

|By  Zasha-kae Dennis Journalism student

Mandeville, Ncu – A group of NCU students combined their efforts to make a powerful video titled “Januready” directed at all the crime, violence and tragic accidents that happened during the months of January and February of this year.

The idea was spearheaded by Oshae Hines when he saw the state society was in. Women were being murdered and abducted at an alarming rate and Jamaica seemed more dangerous than it has ever been on the crime scene Oshae saw this and was very unsettled then the idea of pooling the effort of like minded individuals to shed light on the situation came to mind.

Hines says “I remember lying down in bed and just feeling an overwhelming sense of disappointment in our society. Men were killing women for reasons that seemed so petty to take a life for and children were going missing I felt the need to do something that would show people exactly how my friends and I felt about the situation so we gathered a team to began working on our concept.”

A skilled production team of present and past communication studies students who were just as passionate about the situation as Hines decided that the best way to convey the feeling was through each individual’s musical talent and skills in video production.

They all didn’t have much equipment to work with and the budget was small but they decided to
pool their resources and push out the maximum effort to make this work. “Adukie, Geo Mahiri and I only had one camera and one light and we were shooting a majority of the video at night but our production team was so dedicated to making the entire thing look as beautiful as possible. Everyone chipped in as director telling when shots were to be redone. We made our fake blood, sourced all our props and travelled all the way to Montego Bay to find the ideal place to shoot.”

With all this effort that was placed into the production the entire team was nervous on how the video would be received. Despite that the team still posted their promotional videos and garnered an audience for their debut that was undeniably successful. The video “Januready” had garnered 2.1k views in 3 weeks on Youtube and the channel IbiridMuzic that had no subscribers now has 144 subscribers.

Hines reassures that this will not be the last body of work the team produces “I think we have found a purpose in addressing world issues through music and video production. We will have more exciting projects releasing in the near future.”

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