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NCU Student Workers who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Now In Isolation

NCU Student Workers who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Now In Isolation

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By: Katrich Walker

Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Manchester, Jamaica- The three student workers who tested positive for the novel coronavirus remain on the school premises, but, in isolation.

The news came from the Communications Director at NCU Byron Buckley, who was speaking during an interview with the Trumpet on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Buckley also confirmed that the contact tracing that was carried out revealed no further positive cases.

“People who these persons work with were tested by the Ministry of Health…they didn’t test positive.”

He also revealed that the students are all males.

He assured that the university has space for isolation areas if more cases should arise; however, the case situation has been manageable for the university so far.

“We have facilities that in case of any significant breakout in the future and it is best to quarantine the students on campus rather than send them home, we have space to quarantine them.”

Meanwhile, he implored students and workers to strictly adhere to the protocols set out by the government in a bid to prevent them from contracting the virus.

“We insist on the physical distance and hand washing as well as sanitization and the wearing of masks. Once you do that strictly, a hundred per cent, you will minimize and reduce the possibility of having the infection spread.”

His statement comes following an advisory that was issued by the school on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, which announced the positive cases.

Buckley also added that over the Covid-19 period, the institution has had approximately twenty cases.


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