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NCU student establishes marketing and production company to benefit entrepreneurs

NCU student establishes marketing and production company to benefit entrepreneurs

Photo: Quinell Ming, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cyanopy Media.

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By: Chantae McNeil

Communication Studies student at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Quinell Ming is proud to be the founder and creator of Cyanopy Media- a new creative platform that seeks to create a marketing starter pack which will benefit many people who have entered the world of entrepreneurship.

Canopy Media came into existence from 2017, and the meaning behind the business’ name according to Ming is a representation of diversity.

“The name Cyanopy Media represents the diversity of the Caribbean and its people and the company’s aim to provide opportunities for creative growth,” he said.

The 24-year-old student shared that he was inspired to start this business because he realized the lack of opportunities there were for creatives in the Caribbean, and he has always been intrigued with designing.

“I’m a creative at heart … I even collect magazines for fun. I decided to reach for success doing what I love: drawing, designing, producing etc. I saw that embarking on a quest for creative success in the Caribbean is not something that is encouraged because of the lack of opportunities for creatives and quite frankly, I want to do something about that, ” he said. 

When asked what could be expected from his new business, Ming shared that innovation is of importance to his team and that there will be marketing opportunities for student entrepreneurs at the university.

“We are a marketing and production company so you can expect innovative marketing strategies and quality production design. Innovation is important to us, so as we grow, we intend to take big risks by introducing unorthodox products to the market,” he said.

Production Manager of Cyanopy Media, Steve Mcleary, said their objective is to create a multifaceted company that will serve both small and large businesses.

“I decided to join him [Ming] because I see a company that will destroy competitors in the long run because of the target audience. The aim is to build a multifaceted marketing and production company that will be catered to small start up businesses and also big companies that could help us aid in the nation’s building of the Caribbean’s creative society,” he said.

Mcleary added that the spiritual guidance and family-work culture of this company is close to none.

Ming, alongside his team, is venturing on this monumental journey with the people of the Caribbean and students of NCU in mind as part of their mission to serve. 


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